Souri's integrated educational and professional philosophies reflect her inner intentions to promote and enhance the health, happiness and well-being of all those who seek her services. Said services are provided in the capacity of an individual therapist, as well as in the role of a licensed instructor, that is, an educator who provides information openly to all, in a wide variety of settings, all information being based upon years of practical experience. Her growth as a bodywork therapist has included extensive instruction from State licensed schools, as well as living masters of this professional work and High Art. From all she's learned from, she's advanced an inner awareness that there is always more to learn, more to incorporate, more to share. Souri makes periodic visits to Thailand for educational purposes, as such are excellent opportunities to gain additional knowledge and expertise from living masters in exotic and exciting environments that continually fill her with awe and respect for the healing arts of Thai Massage. Her single goal, her one desire is to provide excellent service for each and every one of her clients, that they may both return to Souri for her services, as well as encourage others through word-of-mouth to seek out Souri's wonderful services.