Souri Sisavath is a native of Laos (speaking Lao, Thai, and English) where the ancient art of Thai Massage was passed to her along family lines by her grandmother (native of Thailand). In 2001 Souri completed her training in Chiangmai, Thailand, as well as additional instruction in 2002 under the direct supervision of Grand Master Lek Chaiya. In 2006, she completed 180 advanced hours at ITM Thailand with Master Chongkol Settakhorn.

In 2012 Souri completed an additional 390 advanced hours for Certified Advanced Practitioner & Teacher Training Program (CAPT) with Master Chongkol (John) Setthakorn at ITM Chiangmai,Thaland. In 2012 Souri finally meets and gets the opportunity to train under Grand Master Pichest Bounthumme at Hang Dong Chiangmai, Thailand. In 2013, Souri becomes a Yoga Instructor trained under Mr. Lex Gillan, owner of The Yoga Institute in Houston, Texas.  In 2013, Souri also becomes a Reiki Master trained under Karen Harrison who is a licensed Reiki  teacher through the International Center for Reiki Training (ICPT) and all classes are taught according to their standards. And in 2015, Souri became a Holy Fire Reiki Master, as well as a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master (also under Karen Harrison).