Come out and learn both perfection combination of two therapies (Cupping/Gua Sha) in one day of simple, easy, reasonable affordable price and a lot of hands on and on top of it,  learn how to use both methods of cupping (Retaining Cupping and Sliding Cupping). Why wait? Why spend so much money in so many days of training of traditional folk remedies which can be very powerful tool to enhance with the massage to ease your hands and earn extra income by offering this new services to your clients? See you in the classroom!

Note: Call Souri for dates ($150.00). Pick the class you want , send the date and month to Souri via e-mail or prefer text at 281-685-5091. When we have 2 or more scheduled on the same day, we’ll hold the class that booked first.

**Will teach one-on-one training $250 for one student**

Cupping Therapy training and Gua Sha Therapy training are taught on the same day.